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Uk Stakeholders for Sustainable Development

UK Stakeholders for Sustainable Development (UKSSD) The UKSSD is an open platform that supports public, private and voluntary organisations working towards sustainable development in the UK.

UKSSD’s mission is to transform the UK into a sustainable society. It will help to drive ambition for sustainability in government, business and civil society and support organisations to further the implementation of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals in the UK.

The UKSSD is essentially a network of networks, working with existing stakeholders from many disciplines to tap into their considerable body of expertise for mutual benefit. The network is built on well established relationships within the UK Government and the devolved administrations, thereby facilitating open dialogue for UKSSD members.

As a UKSSD partner, Sustainable NI derives the collaborative befits of working alongside sister organisations like Cynnal Cymru and Forum for the Future as well as gaining access to the UKSSD’s resources on SD policy and practice.

For more information, see the UKSSD website