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Sustainability Training

Every council and government department has a statutory duty to “…act in a way it considers best calculated to contribute to the achievement of sustainable development in Northern Ireland…”

For other public sector organisations and many private companies, the pursuit of sustainability is a matter of good business practice and a critical element of corporate social responsibility.

There are only a few organisations in Northern Ireland with dedicated sustainability officers, those with the primary responsibility of evolving strategy and ensuring implementation. Often, the role is embraced within a wider job description – typically, an energy officer, a biodiversity officer or an environmental health inspector will adopt the mandate.

Yet, within every workplace there are some people who are ready and willing to embark on finding more sustainable ways of working – and living – but they lack the confidence, or don’t feel that it’s their place, to take the necessary actions. What they learned at school or college may have stimulated an interest in sustainability but has rarely equipped them with the necessary knowledge or skills. Often, too, there is a lack of leadership signals from those in charge.

In these circumstances, we need to develop a higher level of ‘sustainability literacy’ in every organisation as a way of creating a future in which people will have an improved quality of life within a vibrant natural environment.  

Sustainability Literacy Training

Sustainable NI can help your business to improve the 'sustainability literacy’ of your colleagues, creating a corps of enthusiasts in all sorts of jobs - people who are confident, effective and willing to help you meet your organisational objectives on sustainable development.

We can offer tailored courses to cover many aspects of the sustainability agenda, for example carbon or climate literacy, and courses can range from short introductory seminars to a multi-week accredited development programme.

This will equip staff with the skills and confidence to embed the principles of sustainability into their day to day work, helping the organisation integrate sustainable development into the delivery of its business objectives.


Responsible Procurement Training

By creating demand for environmentally and socially responsible products and services through procurement, organisations can help build a more sustainable society. This training provides organisations with the opportunity to find out about: 

  • Legal and statutory responsibilities in relation to Modern Slavery, Social Value and Sustainable Development
  • Targeting spend to promote social and environmental value
  • Supporting local businesses, SMEs and social enterprises through procurement 
  • Innovative responsible procurement techniques
  • Best practice through case studies

The training is relevant for anyone working in procurement, commissioning, contract management and sustainability within the public sector.


Carbon Management Training

Under the UK Climate Change Act, the UK has legislated to require 'net-zero' carbon by 2050. This will require every organisation to take steps to measure and manage their carbon footprint. Sustainable NI has developed a training course to provide Energy Managers with the tools and information needed to do this. The training provides organisations with the opportunity to:

  • Understand your requirements in helping government mitigate carbon emissions
  • Gain an understanding of the impact of greenhouse gases on the climate system
  • Hear best practice on monitoring, managing and reducing carbon emissions
  • Learn about carbon management tools and techniques
  • Learn how to develop and manage a carbon accounting system appropriate for your organisation