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Sustainability Training

SNI can offer a variety of training options for your organisation. All of our workshops and courses can be tailored to suit your individual needs, allowing you to develop your knowledge in the areas most relevant to your organisation, guided by our knowledge and expertise in all areas of sustainability.


Carbon Literacy Training for SMEs in Northern Ireland

Sustainable NI can provide Carbon Literacy Training by our experienced and accomplished Carbon Literacy trainers. Each course participant will receive an internationally recognised Carbon Literacy Certification after course and pledge completion. Carbon Literacy involves 1 full day of learning taken either over one full day or two half days. Alternatively, there is the option of half a day of self-directed learning guided by our resources, followed by a half-day face-to-face session, either in person or online, to complete your training and gain your certification. The course covers the science of climate change, its impacts locally and internationally, how your everyday actions within the context of your place of work contribute to your carbon footprint and how you can reduce this. Each participant takes a Carbon Action Pledge, committing them to one personal action and one group action to reduce their carbon footprint.

Each course costs £3000 per cohort of up to 20 learners. We also run several sessions throughout the year for which individuals can register for £150 per person.


SNI also offers a range of other courses to aid your organisations in advancing their sustainability knowledge. Courses start from £1500 and can be tailored to suit your needs. The courses below can accommodate up to 40 participants. 

Sustainability and Net Zero Introduction

This course provides an introduction to all areas of sustainability and the key concept of Net Zero. It provides an introduction to the 3 areas of sustainability: environment, social and governance, exposing participants to the key challenges and opportunities of sustainable development. Participants will gain a solid foundational understanding of the fundamental issues around climate change, carbon footprints, net zero, social value and good governance, from which you can build a stronger, more sustainable organisation. 


Sustainable Capital Projects

Capital projects and the built environment sector have a substantial environmental and carbon impact. This course provides participants with an understanding of embodied and operational carbon associated with capital projects, considering Whole Lifecycle Assessment from raw material extraction to end-of-life and disposal.  It explores the opportunities to integrate sustainability into capital project design, presenting strategies and solutions to reduce embodied carbon and enable participants to develop more sustainable projects.


Sustainable Procurement

Our Sustainable Procurement Workshop enables those in both the public and private sectors to develop a greater understanding of the principles and processes of sustainable procurement. Considering the environmental and social impact of where you spend your money, you will learn how to integrate these considerations into decision-making and embed sustainability into all practices throughout your organisation.

Please contact to discuss any of these options further.



"The training provided by Sustainable NI was positively received, with many senior members of staff valuing the practical ideas and suggestions to integrate sustainability into everyday decision-making at the Council" 

Emma Adair, Compliance Officer - Sustainability and NI SD Forum Chair

Ards and North Down Borough Council