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Training: Carbon Management

 SNI Training: Carbon Management

10:00 - 13:00 | 9th May 2018 | Parliament Buildings, Belfast

The latest in the series of highly successful SNI training events focussed on carbon managemnt, providing delegates from the public and voluntary sector with the tools and information needed for measuring and managing their organisation's carbon footprint.


SNI Event: EU Funding Project Ideas Lab

 EU Funding Ideas Lab

09:00 - 15:00 | 28th March 2018 | Belfast

This regional Project Ideas Lab, organised by Sustainable Northern Ireland in partnership with SEUPB, focused on promoting EU funding streams and identifying and developing sustainable development projects which may be elegible for EU funding. After hearing about various EU programme's priorities for funding and case studies of succesfully funded projects, participants were able to ask questions, network, find partners and identify project ideas. A range of sectors attended including universities, local government and central government departments and bodies.

Blog: What is the gender pay Gap in Northern Ireland?

By Michael Scholes & Aidan Stennet, via NI Assembly Research Matters

The GPG should not be confused with equal pay, which refers to paying men and women differently for doing the same work. This discriminatory practice was outlawed in the United Kingdom (UK) by the Equal Pay Act 1970.

There are a number of factors which lead to a GPG. Again, these are defined by the UK Government as:

The UK's first Energiesprong homes

A pioneering new pilot project in Nottingham aims to make select households ultra-low carbon and fit for the future by renovating them using the 'Energiesprong' techniques used in the Netherlands.

The Challenge

There is an ambition in the UK to ensure that all buildings are low or zero-carbon buildings by 2050. However, a study by the Association for the Conservation of Energy found that the UK is amongst the highest in Europe for fuel-poverty and has one of the most energy-inefficient housing stocks on the continent.

With more than 26,000 homes, Nottingham City Council believes it has a “commercial imperative” to find ways to retrofit existing houses to a near-zero emission standard in a way that is affordable and easily replicated for potential new builds.

Post-Brexit farm payments to be used to help the environment

Environment Secretary Michael Gove wants to end direct payments based on the amount of land farmed

Up to £150m in support payments could be shifted from the richest farmers to environmental schemes after Brexit, under government plans.

The UK Government has published a consultation on its plans for agriculture after the UK leaves the EU. The consultation entitled ‘Health and Harmony: The Future for Food, Farming and the Environment in a Green Brexit’ proposes that public money will no longer be given to farmers for the amount of land they own. Instead it will be allocated for the delivery of sustainable production, environmental enhancement, animal welfare and trialling new technologies to name a few. This will be a significant shift from the current EU funded Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) as DEFRA Secretary of State Michael Gove seeks fund contributions towards habitat management, flood protection and climate change mitigation.   

Ireland 2040: €22bn to turn State into low–carbon economy

The Government’s new national development plan envisages a radical overhaul of how the State tackles climate change, allocating €22 billion – one fifth of the entire budget – to a series of measures that will turn Ireland into a low–carbon economy by 2050.

The measures are primarily aimed at transport, agriculture and the built environment, and include a plan to stop burning coal to produce electricity at the ESB’s Moneypoint plant, the State’s single largest carbon emitter, by 2025.

On transport, there will be ban on the purchase of all petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030, a decade ahead of the UK, while there is also a target of having at least 500,000 electric vehicles – a third of the State’s private transport fleet – on the road by the same date. 

Starbucks trial 5p cup charge in bid to reduce plastic waste

Starbucks have started charging 5p for disposable coffee cups in 35 London stores as part of a three-month trial. Starbucks’ announcement comes weeks after MPs called for a general 25p latte levy on disposable coffee cups.

Starbucks has introduced a 5p charge for single-use cups in its central London locations in an attempt to help tackle a plastic waste epidemic plaguing the UK. 

Customers who bring their own mug will not have to pay the extra 5p in 35 Starbucks branches for the duration of the three-month trial which began in February 2018. If it’s successful the company may roll it out to other outlets, the Seattle-based coffee giant said.

A European Strategy for Plastics

Plastics are an important material in our economy, and modern daily life is unthinkable without them. At the same time however, they can have serious downsides on the environment and health.

Action on plastics was identified as a priority in the 2015 Circular Economy Action Plan, to help European businesses and consumers to use resources in a more sustainable way.

Measuring Up - Review of UK progress on SDGs

Work begins on the first comprehensive assessment of the UK’s performance against the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Work has begun on UKSSD’s plan to drive action on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the UK. The project looks at each of the 17 Goals and 169 targets and analyses the UK’s performance. It outlines the opportunity the Goals offer and the type of actions needed if we’re to achieve them by 2030.

UKSSD has now reached an important milestone as the initial research is complete and their draft findings are ready for stakeholder review.

UKSSD are calling for organisations to volunteer to review the findings and contribute their own expertise to help shape the recommended actions for how the UK can achieve the Goals by 2030.

Blog: Fed up with Belfast traffic? It's more than just delaying your day

By Katie Brown