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Response to SONI Transmission Development Plan (2020-29)

In 2020, SONI requested views on a new Transmission Development Plan for Northern Ireland. The plan will ensure the continued security of the electricity grid by proposing a number of projects to improve its strength and resilience, as well as support long-term decarbonisatoin goals and objectives. 

Within the TDPNI 2020-29 SONI a number of essential upgrades to the Northern Ireland grid were proposed, including: 

  • Modernising parts of the grid in the Belfast Metropolitan Area, so that it can fuel long-term economic growth in the city centre
  • We are also looking to mid-to-north County Antrim, here the grid is at capacity and we need to strengthen it to increase the flow of electricity from renewable sources  
  • The North West is another key region for works. We want to strengthen the grid here to support economic development and to facilitate decarbonisation of Northern Ireland’s electricity supply.

A copy of Sustainable Northern Ireland's response is available below.