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Response to SONI Transmission Development Plan (2020-29)

The Transmission Development Plan NI sets out how SONI will ensure the continued security of the electricity grid by proposing a number of projects to improve its strength and resilience, as well as support long-term decarbonisatoin goals and objectives. Within the TDPNI 2020-29 SONI a number of essential upgrades to the Northern Ireland grid are proposed, including: 

  • Modernising parts of the grid in the Belfast Metropolitan Area, so that it can fuel long-term economic growth in the city centre
  • We are also looking to mid-to-north County Antrim, here the grid is at capacity and we need to strengthen it to increase the flow of electricity from renewable sources  
  • The North West is another key region for works. We want to strengthen the grid here to support economic development and to facilitate decarbonisation of Northern Ireland’s electricity supply.

Sustainable Northern Ireland's consultatoin response can be found below.