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Consultation response to the UK Government (Defra via Daera) consultation on reforming the UK packaging producer responsibility system

SNI welcomes this consultation on reform of the Packaging Producer Responsibility Scheme, given SNIs role as sustainability support to local councils and other public sector bodies. SNI are keen to embed the Sustainable Development Goals within all of their work with councils and therefore this new system would contribute particularly towards both Sustainable Cities and Communities (SDG11) and Responsible Consumption and Production (SDG 12).

Consultation response to the Defra, Daera and Welsh Government consultation on introducing a Deposit Return Scheme in England Wales and Northern Ireland

SNI welcomes this consultation on Deposit Return, given our member councils’ commitment to recycling, their role as the principal domestic waste and recycling provider, and the sizable impact that any deposit return system will have on councils and their waste management services.

DAERA Consultation on Northern Ireland Future Agricultural Policy Framework

To develop a truly sustainable food and farming system, where farmers work with nature to produce high quality nutritious food, we need to move out of our current siloed approach and recognise numerous inter-related problems that need to be addressed. These include volatility in farm gate prices, public health crises, poor diets, food poverty, food waste and environmental degradation.

Changes to the Affordable Warmth Scheme: a response from Sustainable NI

In November 2017, the Department of Communities published a consultation on proposed changes to the Affordable Warmth Scheme.

The review of the Affordable Warmth Scheme examined five key themes: Effectiveness and efficiency of processes; Appropriateness of delivery arrangements; Accuracy of the targeting model; Scheme performance in 2015/16; Scheme qualifying criteria. 

It featured four propsals;

NI Budget Briefing 2018: a response from Sustainable NI

In December 2017, the Department of Finance published a briefing paper on the broad choices available to inform government decisions on a Budget for Northern Ireland for 2018-2020. The paper included a number of revenue raising ideas but also proposes a range of potential funding cuts. It featured three scenarios, all of which included cuts to environmental programmes. 

Sustainable NI has urged the governmnet to rethink its proposals, stating that:

NI Programme for Government Framework: a response from Sustainable NI

In 2016, the NI Executive adopted a completely new approach to planning the Programme for Government. The Executive has expressed a desire to work alongside councils, the voluntary sector, communities and business to tackle the challenges we face as a society. The new Programme framework is based on outcomes – 14 ambitious long-term objectives that will lead to improved wellbeing for everyone. This is our response to the consultation document.

NI Climate Change Bill Discussion Paper: A response from Sustainable NI

In 2013, the Environment Minister initiated a process of inviting views on the need for climate change legislation for Northern Ireland. The process moved to a second stage in late 2015 when the Department published a formal discussion paper on the same subject, seeking opinions on its newest proposals. This is our response to that consultation

Community Planning Guidance: A response from Sustainable NI

Community Planning is a major new responsibility for councils. The Local Government Act (2015) charges them with leading a process, together with partner organisations, to identify long-term objectives for improving the social, economic and environmental wellbeing of their districts. It is intended that the community plan will contribute to the achievement of sustainable development in Northern Ireland. The department published draft statutory guidance for the operation of community planning. This is our response to that consultation document.