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NI Budget Briefing 2018: a response from Sustainable NI

In December 2017, the Department of Finance published a briefing paper on the broad choices available to inform government decisions on a Budget for Northern Ireland for 2018-2020. The paper included a number of revenue raising ideas but also proposes a range of potential funding cuts. It featured three scenarios, all of which included cuts to environmental programmes. 

Sustainable NI has urged the governmnet to rethink its proposals, stating that:

"The environment is the foundation for our society and economy and is the critical resource upon which future well-being and prosperity depends. Inadequate resourcing will lead to grave long-term social, economic and environmental consequences for the country as a whole. 

This is a critical moment that requires investment not disinvestment to strengthen the partnership between government and the eNGO sector to deliver win-win outcomes for our society. 

Given the need to retain investment levels in the environment, Government should progress new revenue raising schemes, such as additional levies on plastics and deposit return schemes, as a matter of urgency."

Attached is our response to the consultation document.

PDF iconSNI Response to 2018 NI Budget Briefing.pdf