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Sustainable Food Growing at Greenisland Allotments

The Greenisland Allotments in Greenisland opened over five years ago in response to a community desire to have access to greater communal green space. Thanks to almost £10,000 from the Whitemountain Programme, residents of Greenisland, including school and community groups, can now enjoy the site with improved facilities. 

Waterless toiletThe funding has supported vital site improvements which also help boost the allotments' green credentials. Improvements included provision of a compostable toilet, communal polytunnel, tools, storage unit, and an extensive programme of community workshops to support local food growing and environmentally friendly gardening. 

Access to shelter and toilet facilities have greatly improved the space for the community, particularly over the winter months. The council can now encourage more school pupils and community groups to come along and enjoy the benefits of the great outdoors and nature.

Waterless Toilet Facility

One of the imporovements was a waterless toilet, which is the first of its kind in Northern Ireland. Allison Diver, Growing Communities Parks & Open Spaces Officer at Mid and East Antrim Borough Council, commented: "We chose the Kazuba as unlike a standard compostable toilet it requires nothing to work, just the sun and wind. It also requires minimal maintenance, saving staff time and money, and is hopefully a much more environmentally friendly option rather than using the sewage network."

Niamh-Anne McNally, Whitemountain Communications Officer, commented, “We are delighted to support projects rooted in the community. The new facility will provide a safe space for the community to grow fruit and vegetables and access horticulture training."

Funding from the Whitemountain Programme aims to support projects related to the maintaining and improving a community amenity, and the promotion and conservation of biodiversity.

Angelica Florez, Groundwork Northern Ireland, said, “These allotments have amazing potential, and Groundwork Northern Ireland was delighted to equip this site with these new resources. It is so beneficial to be able to access green space and we hope the residents of Greenisland enjoy this space with added comfort now.”