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One Planet Mind - a sustainable clothing brand fighting against fast fashion

What is One Planet Mind?

Starting in 2016, One Planet Mind was created with the intention of being a sustainable fashion brand and is based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. With all its products being sustainably produced, it is one of the few clothing outlets in Northern Ireland putting climate first. One Planet Mind is an online store, which focuses on sustainably produced clothes as an alternative to fast fashion. Globally, textile production contributes more than 1 billion tonnes of CO2 per year. Within the UK, 300,000 tonnes of clothing is wasted annually, proving fast fashion is as prevalent as ever. With the cost of materials falling, in part due to low-cost production with often appalling conditions for factory workers, and online influencers pushing new fashion trends almost daily, fast fashion is a rapidly expanding industry. Sustainable clothing companies, such as One Planet Mind, are paving the way for Northern Ireland for a fast fashion-free future.  

Areas of Impact
  • sustainable production
  • responsible sourcing of materials 
  • chemical use reduction 
  • plastic reduction 
  • waste
  • reducing their carbon footprint
  • renewable energies
  • alternative delivery methods

One Planet Mind has dedicated its business to being as sustainable as possible. Each stage of the production process has been tailored to reduce carbon emissions. This is detailed on the ‘How Your Clothes Are Made’ section of their website. Not only is the clothing company carbon neutral but all of the materials used in the garments are responsibly sourced from organic fair-trade certified suppliers, helping to reduce the use of defoliants and pesticides and promoting fairer wages for producers. The company has also been certified by the Oeko-Tex 100 Standard, which guarantees the safety of its products for human use. 

One Planet Mind is also mindful of water consumption, with 95% of the water used in production sourced from monsoon rain, encouraging a shift away from methods that require extensive irrigation. One Planet Mind also converts its wastewater to clean water through a process of sand filtration, treatment ponds, and reverse osmosis. 

The sustainable practices extend to product packaging and transport as it only uses 100% recycled biodegradable cardboard boxes and they transport items using ships to keep the carbon footprint of each item as low as possible. As well as that, 30 wind turbines are the main energy source used in the production of their products. 


Active Partnerships 

One planet Mind has partnered with Mangroves in Madagascar a charity that plants mangrove forests in estuaries in Madagascar, supporting biodiversity, conservation and increasing the vulnerability of coastal communities to hurricanes, tsunamis, and floods.

Another scheme supported with each purchase is ‘Bottle Clean Up with Empower’. Empower is a Norwegian business that incentivises recycling, with 0.30 Euros paid for each returned bottle. Using Blockchain, Empower tracks and monetises plastic worldwide in an attempt to create a plastic exchange scheme and an important way that developing countries can generate revenue in return for cleaning up the environment. Whilst not a silver bullet for the plastic crisis, it's a start.

More Information

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